Software Tools

We leverage unique, proprietary software in the delivery of our services.

Save Money.  Gain Efficiency.

Our proprietary software tools, developed with the expertise of our consultants gained through thousands of customer engagements, provide efficiency and cost savings.  Some examples of our unique software tools include:

vLab Virtual Data Center:  A virtual data center that allows you to model different desktop virtualization technologies to find the right fit for your business needs.  This instant POC tool cuts several weeks as well as cost out of the decision-making process.

Reflector for Data Center Migrations: A single pane view into your entire data center migration process, Reflector is the ultimate project management tool that helps you manage complex, overlapping and interconnected workstreams while flagging key interdependencies to keep your migrations on time and on task. 

Insight: An assessment tool that provides a quick snapshot into the maturity of your environment.

EVTools: This tool suite helps you make the most of your Enterprise Vault investment by providing archiving, migration and privilege delete capabilities.