Proprietary Methodologies

Our proven methodologies address process and planning inefficiencies in your environment.  The purpose of each approach is to reduce risk, improve service levels and manage costs.  These were developed through our experience working in thousands of client engagements worldwide.


Supported by our Reflector tool, Link reduces the complexity associated with managing multiple streams of interdependent work during a data center migration.  Through a streamlined, ‘assembly line’ process, Link significantly reduces the time required to complete the migration and minimize your business risk.



Accelerate is a four-phase methodology (Design, Plan, Deploy and Transition) that helps you move rapidly deploy and adopt a new technology or capability.  We begin with a two-day facilitated workshop to design a plan and ensure complete stakeholder agreement, then quickly work with your team to integrate the technology and train the in-house team on how to manage the new environment.  Using Accelerate, you will more quickly realize the benefits and ROI of your new technology.



Script is a three-phase approach (Plan, Deploy and Go-Live) to bring you on to our managed services platform.  We implement standard service activities across your environment, while allowing for flexibility to meet your unique requirements.  Script ensures your move to managed services is a smooth transition to improved service levels with minimal disruption to the business.