Customer Support Services (CSS)

 We offer a variety of global support services for hardware or software companies who require global expansion and scalability within their support services operation.

GlassHouse Customer Support Services At-A-Glance

  • Global support program through a single contract
  • Customizable, modular support offerings that complement your current support organization or serve as your entire support function
  • Comprehensive selection of support infrastructure and resources
  • Direct access to our best technical experts by phone, online or on-site 365x24x7

The basic levels of call center support are:

  • Level One Support - call logging, contract validation, problem definition, and problem escalation
  • Level Two Support - all level one support plus knowledge-based technical resolution, error log review, and data gathering
  • Dispatch Management - Field Service and Logistics Coordination for customer dispatch

GlassHouse Global Field Service Support
Through a network of thousands of field service engineers in over 120 countries, our clients can offer on-site problem resolution within four hours of a support request placement

GlassHouse Logistics Storage and Distribution Support
Our network of over 600 logistics depots around the world ensures same day, overnight and warranty exchange of material access. GlassHouse also offers full product distribution services, including fully automated replenishment, reverse logistics, real-time reporting and best practices for international distribution.

Product Implementation – GlassHouse offers implementation services which range from “rack & stack” to customized integration. Implementations start with best practice pre-site evaluations through turnover training to the client.

Professional Services - leveraging GlassHouse consulting services, we will customize our consulting services to specific needs such as assessment and architecture of product solutions.

For more information, contact a GlassHouse professional.  

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