How to add storage tiering to your data storage environment

Storage tieringautomatically matches data to particular media types according to a variety of user-defined policies to ensure data resides on the most cost-effective disk. Most storage arrays now come with storage tiering as a standard feature, but how do you add storage tiering to an existing environment? In this interview, SearchStorage.co.UK Bureau Chief Antony Adshead speaks with Darren Janaway, senior consultant with GlassHouse Technologies (UK), about definitions of storage tiering and the various ways it can be added to an existing storage infrastructure.

SAN switching: How to configure a SAN switch

In this podcast from SearchStorage.co.UK, bureau chief Antony Adshead talks with Steve Pinder, principal consultant at GlassHouse Technologies (UK), about how to decide what fabric topology to implement, the importance of zoning and masking, and how to figure out fan-in and fan-out ratios.

Disaster recovery for data storage environments podcast

In this interview, SearchStorage.co.uk Bureau Chief Antony Adshead speaks with Simon Johnson of GlassHouse Technologies UK about defining a DR plan and the procedures storage managers need to include in it.

Benefits and limitations of MAID storage: A step toward a green data centre

In this podcast, Simon Johnson, data center practice lead at GlassHouse Technologies, discusses the benefits and limitations of MAID, as well as MAID levels and how they operate.

If Not Now, When? Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy Today

In this session, Simon Johnson, Glasshouse Technologies (UK) data recovery practice lead, will provide delegates with the knowledge they need to protect their businesses. While many IT professionals are aware of the consequences a disaster can have on their critical infrastructure and overall business, some continue to delay creating a disaster recovery plan.

Data classification methods and guidelines

Simon Johnson, data recovery practice lead at GlassHouse Technologies UK, discusses why businesses embark on data classification projects and the benefits to be gained from such an endeavor. Listen to FAQs on data classification to learn more about the available data classification processes and how to avoid the key pitfalls of data classification projects.

Keeping Your Disaster Recovery Plan From Becoming A Disaster

Gartner estimates that only 35 percent of SMBs have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Is poor planning sabotaging your Disaster Recovery strategy? What obstacles are you facing with implementing a Disaster Recovery plan? In this webcast "Keeping Your Disaster Recovery Plan From Turning Into A Disaster", expect to learn: Some of the building blocks to a successful Disaster Recovery planning project How to get the ‘real' story from your business partners Justifying the investment on what is really an insurance policy for your company

NetworkWorld Webcast: Bridging the Disaster Recovery Expectations Gap

While mishaps inevitably occur during disaster recovery, a surprising number of these are self-inflicted through unrealistic expectations, lack of preparedness, incorrect policing of policies, and choosing the wrong technology. This session will provide a real-world perspective on these issues and offer practical suggestions on how to overcome these challenges.

Business Continuity: Ensuring Availability with DR

In this webcast, Bill Peldzus of GlassHouse Technologies looks at how DR fits in to a business continuity plan and provides best practices to make sure you're heading in the right direction and shares his tips on common disaster recovery issues.

IP Expo Presentation

In this session Richard explains how the evolution of the data centre can be simplified into a small number of major computing shifts – the invention of the mainframe and therefore the data centre, the client server revolution, the adoption of the internet and most recently, Virtual insanity…

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