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Essential Steps for Cloud Services Deployment

One of the key problems contributing to failed attempts at private cloud is the assumption that IT has a better understanding of user needs than users themselves. This legacy mindset is one of the biggest reasons for user dissatisfaction with internal IT, initial cloud service deployment failure, and why public cloud services increasingly encroach on the territory of IT. The good news is that just a small amount of collaboration will go a long way toward increasing satisfaction and success rates. Business-driven initiatives, best-of-breed technologies and the inclusion of service consumers and key stakeholders are all recipes for success in cloud service deployment. With that in mind, here are seven proven strategies for CIOs to employ that will launch companies past legacy shortcomings and into a brand new world of cloud innovation.

Cloud, Colo or In-house

Read this whitepaper to explore options for your modern data center – in-house, colocation, or cloud services – and how to leverage the benefits of each while maintaining costs and control.

Implementing A Multi-tiered Cloud Service Strategy

Implementing a multi-tiered cloud strategy offers flexibility for the level of protection required for critical workloads and the cost-savings of inexpensive cloud services. Learn how to execute a unified, on-demand infrastructure to enable organizations to make the best of cloud technology.

Fourth Key to Brokering IT Services Internally: Advertise the Ts and Cs

In the fourth of seven articles, learn more about how IT must develop simple Ts and Cs for an SLA to be delivered with each service delivery in order to measure/ensure consumer satisfaction against empirical criteria.

Guest blog: CIOs in danger of the pseudo-IT footprint

Directors and CIOs face many challenges when attempting to reduce a company's IT footprint. Read this article to understand the issues that can impact the success of an IT project, and how to look beyond the technology and address the more difficult policy, process, and organisational issues faced by a company.

Real world Cloud deployment for people in glasshouses

Read this article to explore GlassHouse’s Accelerated Cloud Enablement (ACE) - and the possibility of deploying a fully operational private cloud in around 45 days

New eBay renewable energy datacentre will create a ‘domino effect’ amongst competing commerce sites

Learn how eBay's recent initiative to build the next phase of their datacentre using renewable energy could inspire other online retailers to assess their current data storage strategies and consider renewable energy as a means of improving energy efficiency and ROI.

Taking Applications Virtual: Virtualization Revamps IT Landscape

The relationship between the applications and the operating system, and also with other applications is often tenous enough to justify the presence of a digital marriage counselor.

The Essence of Cloud

Cloud computing is essentially a deployment model that sets a new paradigm for how services are selected, provided and billed. So, what makes the cloud deployment model different from other deployment models? Quite simply, the cloud is defined by three main components and technologies.

Demystifying The Cloud - The Why And How Of Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing is an IT strategy that holds great opportunity for businesses to increase IT agility and at the same time reduce its unit cost. However, for IT Executives looking to realize its potential, it raises as many questions as it answers. In this webcast, Anthony Dickinson GlassHouse Cloud Computing Service Director discusses: -The characteristics of a cloud, its service and deployment modes, as well as the key and emerging roles within the cloud ecosystem -Why cloud is simply an evolution for IT, yet has the potential to revolutionize a business - The nature of the risks that need to be overcome in order to effectively begin the transition


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