Optics for Security: Security Information Management

Once you’ve experienced a security breach or operational issue, how quickly can you search your log files, identify the source, and remediate?


Are you able to use the data in your log files to proactively mitigate risk in your environment?


Are you managing your log data to comply with regulatory requirements?

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Optics for Security Information Management (Optics for SIM) is a GlassHouse security service offering for log management and security reporting that provides greater visibility into your security posture, improves operational efficiency, and enables successful compliance audits by turning IT data into actionable business information.

Optics for SIM:

  • Collects and centralizes log data
  • Indexes log data and provides for simplified searching
  • Normalizes and tags data for advanced correlation and analytics
  • Includes pre-defined alerts and reporting
  • Allows for customized views and reports
  • Presents security views and dashboards via an intuitive web portal interface
  • Provides industry-based compliance reporting and audit trails